SoundCloud Profile, Banner, And Cover Art Size

Have you ever wondered why your images look blurry on SoundCloud? In this guide, we cover the best practices on how you can optimize the visuals of your profile.

Your artwork is the first thing someone sees when visiting your SoundCloud profile. You can use your artwork images to express yourself and allow people to recognize you as an artist.

Pro tip: Get the Adobe Photoshop banner, profile picture, and cover art design template.

What Is The SoundCloud Profile Picture Size?

Your profile picture needs to be a JPG or PNG with a maximum size of 2MB with a dimension of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

Your SoundCloud profile image enables people to recognize you besides your username. SoundCloud suggests uploading a professional profile photo or brand logo. Adjust the image using the drag and resize functionality. Try a few things out until you are happy with the results and press the save button.

Note: Use a desktop or laptop to update your artwork, banner, or profile image. iOS and Android devices are currently not supported.

SoundCloud profile picture size

Upload a SoundCloud banner with the dimensions of 2480 x 520 pixels. Use a large JPG or PNG image with a maximum size of 2MB

You can easily create a new or edit an existing banner using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. There are also online editing tools you can work with. While it is okay to reduce the dimensions of an image. It is better to export your artwork at the recommended resolution.

SoundCloud also offers the option to resize and position your banner. But, it is unnecessary if you upload an image of 2480 x 520 pixels.

SoundCloud banner size

What Is The SoundCloud Cover Art Size?

SoundCloud suggests uploading a square cover art image of 800 x 800 pixels. Use a JPG or PNG with a maximum size of 2MB for the best results. Anything less than 800 x 800 pixels becomes distorted or blurry.

SoundCloud cover art size


Graphic Image Dimensions File size Supported formats
Profile image 1000 x 1000 pixels 2MB max. JPG or PNG
Banner 2480 x 520 pixels 2MB max. JPG or PNG
Cover art 800 x 800 pixels 2MB max. JPG or PNG

Tip: swipe left and right on the table ?.

Best practices

1. Visuals

Design and use images related to your music. Take some time to think about how you can use your visuals to your advantage. Ask yourself. How can you present yourself in a way that you appeal to your audience? Is my artwork an accurate representation of what I do and stand for as an artist?

Pro tip: Are you about to release a new song, EP, or album?
Add a new header about your release to direct the attention to a specific track or playlist.

2. Less is more

Don’t go all out with all sorts of colors and elements. Minimize text in your artwork, so it has a more significant impact. A minimalistic design sticks out and leaves a powerful impression. Use a consistent design on all your social media pages.

3. Attractive imagery

A great first impression attracts people right from the bat. Compare it to someone you see at a party or event for the first time. Subconsciously your opinion is formed right away. The same applies to someone who visits your SoundCloud profile. They judge you based on your appearance without knowing how your music sounds. They either like or dislike what they see.

Do you want a recap? In this video of one minute and thirty seconds, I discuss everything presented in this guide:

Final thoughts

Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with graphic design tools and artist branding. Ask your friends or family members if they can help you redesign your artwork. If not, there are many DIY tutorials on YouTube, which will guide you through the process.

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